Monday, August 13, 2007

Swede Dreams Are Made Of This

'I think its dark, and it looks like rain' you said
'And the wind is blowing, like its the end of the world' you said
'And its so cold, its like the cold if you were dead'
And you smiled for a second

Sometimes you make me feel
Like I'm living at the end of the world
'Its just the way I smile' you said

- The Cure

After a warm and sunny weekend the sky clouded over this afternoon and the breeze cut through my clothes and made me shiver. When I walked home at 5:30 it was 11 degrees and even with the heater on and some peanut butter toast in me I'm struggling to get warm. Rollmop left for Stockholm today and after she called me from the airport to say goodbye I was strangely melancholy all afternoon. And craving herring. Anyone for a trip to the Gourmet Viking restaurant before it gets all warm again? Not the vegans or vegos though- doubt there's a single thing on the menu that doesn't include some sort of animal, or several. Pickled fish! I need pickled fish!



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