Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When You're Happy And You Know It...

Recognise it and be grateful for it.

A pervy pal from far away mentioned the other night that it was nice to see me again at Mardi Gras as I seemed much happier and more relaxed than before. And a few weeks agao a strange little Economics boy, obsessed with making money, asked me what I wanted to be doing in ten years time. I couldn't think of an answer other than- 'more of the same.' I like my lifestyle, I like being able to travel and to write about things that interest me, to work on small quirky projects alongside the serious stuff, to dance at Phoenix as well as my bedroom, to live with mates who understand me, to buy organic cheese at my local market and greek mountain tea up the road from my house, to make photo shoots, to see lots of amazing performance and art and films and somehow earn enough money to keep forging ahead with my ideas and keep myself in food and lodgings.

Its not a bad life at all really.


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