Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Itchy Art

According to the ABC website (thanks to Westie for the link):

Seven young artists from Berlin are trying to stretch the boundaries of art by living in an Israeli museum for three weeks with lice in their hair.

"Art is no longer just a painting on the wall," Milana Gitzin-Adiram, chief curator of the Museum of Bat Yam near Tel Aviv, told Reuters.

"Art is life, life is art."

The exhibition has caused controversy - unintended, the artists say - in a country where the mention of lice may revive memories of Nazi propaganda that described Jews as "parasites".

The artists, who sleep, eat and bathe in the gallery, said the exhibition toyed with ideas about hosts and guests in line with a theme set by the museum and aimed to blur the boundaries between art and reality.

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