Monday, May 26, 2008

Friends In Need

Couch-hopping has been an adventure alright- not without its drawbacks (not conducive to getting much Uni work done, bit stressful having to organise places to stay) but altogether enjoyable and full of lessons. Have spent LOTS of quality time with my family, watching endless BBC comedies and documentaries, reading lots of weekend newspaper supplements and Readers’ Digests, giggling over Far Side comics, sleeping on the couch with a hot water bottle wearing one my Dad’s jumpers (oh, how cosy is that? perfectly snugly and comforting!). Staying with a new-ish friend, making beautiful bloody photos and giggling to Eurovision and talking life and love and nonsense and planning more art. A few nights spent with an old mate, reminiscing about how many times I have sat in her living room after leaving my house in a hurry (history, repeat? Blah!) and talking through past trials and tribulations whilst drinking beer and laughing a lot and reaffirming that we’d always be there for each other. The opportunity to housesit a couple of lovely places for mates. Afternoons watching Madame hand make pasta and sitting in front of the heater with her and the ABC and perving through her book collection. Food cooked by friends and new distractions and the sort of chaos that sometimes begets curious creative projects. Still writing some magazine stuff (see July’s Cherrie), still making some pix and performance (SLPA art show, life modelling for SLPA, next Slit, Wobblie Pobblie show, probably something at Inquisition), still muddling through meetings and organising conference papers and all that. Am getting a little run-down and exhausted from all this moving about and instability, but nothing some rest and vitamins shouldn’t fix I imagine.

And after this some sort of concrete plans to come, thanks to you-know-who (if you don’t know who, then here’s a hint: same reason I am grinning a lot lately and feeling a renewed hope in all things amourous).



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