Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hangover Ramble

Went to Hellfire last night, in my new pinafore, tie, top hat, stockings with red ribbons laced through them. It was a very nice night, got very pissy and danced for hours, and the shows were great and people were sexy and I got bought many drinks and it wasn't too sleazy and swapped gorgeous texts with the Westie and blabbed on about her to anyone who would listen and stumbled home around 4am I guess...

Fry-up of egg, spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, salt and lots of black pepper. Two cups of coffee. Some sort of BBC thing about the British nicking Egyptian statues from their rightful owners. George and Mildred. The Good Life. More Westie texts. Happy Zoo. Now off to Uni, with books and notes and all, to work off my hangover and try not to get a new one. Friend just invited me to her 21st, so might pop along for a wee while but shall endeavour not to drink. Then over to Madame's tomorrow to hang out and watch telly and work on my chapter while Madame stands over me with a big stick. Might go flanny jammy shopping now, trying not to spend too much money but oh! How lovely would big soft warm flanny jammies be?



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