Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Glad Game

When I was in Curdle, there was a small TV, black and white and prone to wild fits of static, but I was glad for it often during the quiet lonely times. It justs o happens that one of the channels was playing as eries of kids' films in the afternoons, and one of these was a versiob of Pollyanna. which introduced me to the 'glad game':

Pollyanna's philosophy of life centers on what she calls "The Glad Game", an optimistic attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation. It originated in an incident one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel, found only a pair of crutches inside. Making the game up on the spot, Pollyanna's father taught her to look at the good side of thingsā€”in this case, to be glad about the crutches because "we don't need 'em!".

With this philosophy, and her own sunny personality and sincere, sympathetic soul, Pollyanna brings so much gladness to her aunt's dispirited New England town that she transforms it into a pleasant place to live. 'The Glad Game' shields her from her aunt's stern attitude: when Aunt Polly puts her in a stuffy attic room without carpets or pictures, she exults at the beautiful view from the high window; when she tries to "punish" her niece for being late to dinner by sentencing her to a meal of bread and milk in the kitchen with the servant, Nancy, Pollyanna thanks her rapturously because she likes bread and milk, and she likes Nancy (quote from Wikipedia).

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