Thursday, May 01, 2008

Out Of The Woods

After a good day and a half feeling like something the cat dragged in, all misty and exhausted and sinus headache from some sort of vague cold-like infliction, it seems that I am somehow back together again. Feeling a bit livelier, did a small show (roving at the Don't Look 2203 re/launch- a solo milk'n'cookies number with a very mixed reaction from the young'uns to being offered bikkies sprayed with milk from obviously fake lacto-tits) and have sorted out what to do for Wobblie Pobblie (changed somewhat but still involves B/bears) and can almost face Uni work. I did TRY and write all day yesterday but got stuck and dejected and just couldn't make anything work. Which lead to panic that I really should just pack it in now, and that I wasn't cut out to write PhD and blah blah blah. Still unsure, but hey, this happens from time to time and... it will pass. And if not, I've plenty else to get on with!



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