Monday, June 09, 2008

I Do Like A Good Artist Statement *CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS*

Ambiguousity: Am-big-u-ous-ity [am-big-yoo-o-si-tee], -noun

1.The act of an Artist whereby one’s artist’s statement about one’s artwork justifies one’s existence and vice versa

Ambiguousity is a group show where artists are asked to enter an artist statement with a humble artwork in response to the exhibition theme.

All entries from the sublime to the ridiculous will be accommodated. We accept such methodologies as humour, dry seriousness, philosophic gibberish, nonsensical or sensible ranting, appropriation in any form, manipulated language, or, anything poetic, profound, prophetic or indeed, pathetic. Ambiguousity promises to be the largest survey of artist’s statement ever to be held in Newtown!

Please see for further details.
Entries close Monday 16th June

For further details and to receive a proposal form email



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