Sunday, July 06, 2008

Trans People In Love

Edited by our own dear Katrina Fox and Dr Tracie O'Keefe

Trans People in Love is a illuminating resource for members of the trans community and their partners and families; gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and intersex people; sexologists; sex therapists; counselors; psychologists; psychotherapists; social workers; psychiatrists; medical doctors; educators; students; and couples and family therapists.

Trans People in Love provides a forum for the experience of being in love and in relationships with significant others for members of the trans community. This honest and respectful volume tells clinicians, scholars, and trans people themselves of the beauty and complexity that trans identity brings to a romantic relationship, what skills and mindsets are needed to forge positive relationships, and demonstrates the reality that trans people in all stages of transition can create stable and loving relationships that are both physically and emotionally fulfilling.

This important book features a wide range of relationships from monogamous heterosexuality and queer partnerships to lesbian vampire polyamory and BDSM from around the globe, and reveals the diverse experiences of people in different cultures. These real-life love stories are widely varied, sometimes happy, at times tragic, many times erotic, but always honest. This book transcends gender issues and stands as a testament to the true power of love.'

Published by Routledge, July 2008, In Aus bookstores end of August or order at Amazon.

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