Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Truffle Piggies

Perfect timing, as I've just bought a new curly 'tail'...

Sunday August 3
Fungi Walk for the Mundaring Truffle Festival
Mundaring Arts Centre
Contact Jenny at JHaynes@mundaringartscentre.com to reserve a spot for this walk.

And The Mundaring Truffle Festival itself

'Historically, truffles have been associated with European epicurean culture, but Western Australia, and in particular Manjimup in the State's cool, green south west, is now at the forefront of Australia's burgeoning black truffle industry. For many centuries, black truffles have been growing wild in certain parts of Europe, particularly in France and Italy. The rarity and scarcity of these 'black diamonds' makes them very expensive. At between $2000 and $2500 per kilogram, they are the second most expensive food commodity in the world. The black truffle, tuber melanosporum, is the truffle you'll find throughout France and in parts of Italy. This is the truffle being grown in Manjimup'

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