Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can I Get A Witness?

Just had one of those religious cult types at my door, trying to sell me his God. Told him I didn't need or want his God or his religion, as it was the same one that caused my mate's parents to try to murder her when she was younger. He scuttled off down the path telling me I had it all wrong, and they were peaceful people. Hmm. He wouldn't stay around to debate it at all, not for a moment, which just made me very cross and want to chase him for some sort of ANSWERS.

Still, it annoys me that I am so SHAKY after encounters like that. Like the Devil himself just came knocking at the door, I just feel unclean and somehow unsafe and grateful that THIS TIME they didn't win and take my soul. And that somehow the fact they have rattled me means that they DO win just a little bit?

Note to self: make NO JUNK RELIGION sign for the door.


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