Sunday, November 16, 2008


thankyou all so much for you empathy, sympathy and offerings!

not quite sure what has got into me lately, more often i am admiring the pace of proceedings in Perth... and its not quite REGIONAL i suppose, but... oh, I DO MISS THE BRIGHT LIGHTS! and even the smaller stuff that comes from having your own crew, whatever the city: strolling down King St on the way home from Uni and stopping by the Newtown or Varga Bar and catching up with whoever is around for early dinner/coffee and cake/beer etc... I could survive most of the time without the BIG stuff if the little stuff was here, the smaller day-to-day interactions that add up to the bulk of one's socialising and just make things more PLEASANT... bbqs, picnics, drinking in the backyard, DVD nights, impromptu meals and blow-up pools and beach trips and people just dropping by... i long for my TRIBE!

sure things happens here, and I do get the OCCASIONAL invite, but its not the way I am used to living, this sort of locked-up-at-home-with-occasional-venturings-into-the-NIGHTLIFE type of reality.

hmm, time to gather my sensible head and stop being a drama queen and remind myself of what i love about Perth. i love her wide open spaces, her tiny little city skyline, the way time seems to stretch out forever, the fact that if you missed something (fashion/musical genre/play) its probably still/just available here, the peaceful river(no ferries really, or any other boats), wildflowers, freemantle, kings park, zoo (the club), cheap theatre, friendly folk... and most of all, time spent with Monster. Doing ANYTHING-- frolicking, washing up, renovating, watching telly, cuddling, playing with the kittens, hanging out in the spa, making shows, general pottering. LOVE HER TO BITS!

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Blogger Tam said...

remember too darling heart that your tribe here is not without imperfection, and was never a magical thing that exploded into being one day... it has, and continues, to evolve and change and grow... it's a tribe based on years of shared experiences and familiar faces in familiar places... it takes time to build these things. If Perth becomes the home you remain in, you will find a new tribe, slowly but surely you and they will evolve into family, as you and us here have. in the meantime, what a beautiful blessing a Monster is :)

11:47 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

and YOU are a beautiful blessing! infinitely wise...

very valid points, and i know that slowly a perth tribe of my own is coming into being... people know my name all over town now, run into people at festivals and unis and clubs and such, and getting familiar with the lay of the land. even know where some of the local beats are now :)

and i'll be back east on familiar ground SOON!

12:49 pm  

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