Friday, November 14, 2008

Somatechnics Conference 2009 *Call For Papers*

Usually a very interesting conference, for a number of reasons. Me certainly not presenting at this one due to PhD/life commitments, but I'll be attending for sure.


The Fifth International Somatechnics Conference: The Technologisation of Bodies and Selves

Call for papers: Abstracts are invited for an international conference to be held in Sydney, Australia, on April 16th-18th 2009. Abstracts should be 300-500 words and should be forwarded to A/Prof Nikki Sullivan and Ms Jess Cadwallader at the addresses listed below. Proposals for panels and for performance pieces are welcome.

“Somatechnics” is a recently coined term used to highlight the inextricability of soma and techné, of the body (as a culturally intelligible construct) and the techniques (dispositifs and ‘hard technologies’) in and through which bodies are formed and transformed. This term, then, supplants the logic of the ‘and’, indicating that technés are not something we add to or apply to the body, but rather, are the means in and through which bodies are constituted, positioned, and lived. As such, the term reflects contemporary understandings of the body as the incarnation or materialization of historically and culturally specific discourses and practices.

Possible topics:
• Somatechnologies of the self (‘non-mainstream’ body modification, body sculpting, performance, fashion, drug use, ‘self-mutilation’, religious practice, etc)
• medical somatechnologies (cosmetic, reproductive, imaging, corrective, sex (re)assignment, implantation, enhancement, bio-techs, public health initiatives, etc)
• somatechnics of law
• somatechnologies of gender, sexuality, race, class, etc
• somatechnologies of normalcy and pathology
• somatechnics of war
• somatechnologies of the post-human (cyborgs, nanotechnology, virtuality, etc)
• soma-ethics

Deadline for abstracts: November 30th 2008. Keynote Speakers include:
Claudia Castaneda (Brandeis University). Nichola Rumsey (University of the West of England).Jennifer Terry (University of California, Irvine).

Email: or
Phone: 61 (0)2 9850 8760. Or have a looksy at the Somatechnics Research Centre Website:

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Anonymous Necrotitties said...

A little birdy tells me that there will be a panel on performance, and another on pain, but never the two shall meet... let's do something painful anc call it performance whilst sprouting pomobabble about the ontology of performance, pain as performative of the abject monsterous feminine and blah blah blah. Even if they can bear to watch us chop ourselves up, they won't be able to bear the flogging we'll give 'em with our pomo sticks.

11:21 pm  

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