Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perth-- More Good Stuff

Now I feel ungracious and ungrateful and like an awfully bad guest to be whingeing so much about my current hometown. Its been good to me, mostly, and hey, what is the point of travel if you are just looking for the same thing in a different town? Etc.

So, here be a list of things that have made me deliriously happy:

* Spare Puppets Theatre's version of The Arrival (Shaun Tan), which we went and saw last night in Freo. And Monster's cheekbones in the half-light...
* The Spa works! And we had a lovely long soak and wine and nangs the other night. Yummy.
* Sweet Lips in Freo's wonderful salt and pepper squid.
* Tinderbox products. Bless those hippies!
* ArtRage was goodly, for a sort of community-friendly slightly quirky art festival with a focus on cute things for people with line drawings of big-eyed dolls on their tshirts, girls with long-hair and mildly interesting shoes and their slightly mussy-haired boyfriends who probably play in a bad band. Inoffensive for the most part, in small doses, with the odd moment of joy, like Silent Disco and The Booth.
* I have a lovely study now that I have tidied it up, with the sun coming in the window and the kittens frolicking just outside and a big bookshelf full of
* The libraries at UWA and ECU have so many books that I have never come across anywhere else! Milkiness in many varied forms. And the one at UWA has a CAFE on the lower floor. Perfect.
* SymbioticA, as mentioned many times before, just blows my mind and makes me reconsider where I fit into, or if I fit into, the academic schema, in very good ways.
* Quirky new artsy folk to play with, and make stuff with. New role as Muse/Model.
* Pride festival, parade and afterparty.
* Wombling for magical items the street fairies have left. Everyone does it, and we picked up two fabulous bar chairs this morning on the way back from our walk. Yay!
* Satisfying maternal urges the true lesbian way by having cats and playing with them and feeding them and cuddling them even when they resist and being their step-mummy in some co-parenting arrangement.
* Morning Monster Walkies.

Hmm, guess its not too bad somehow *shrug*.

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