Friday, November 28, 2008

Syn City, Without The Syn

But with plenty of other fun! Highlights of the past 9 days:
* Film shoot with Necrotitties, Mimoiselle and the Naughty Nurse
* Art show and dinner with the delicious Y-- mentor, muse and mate
* Spending a lovely evening at Madame's new apartment, with piles of Mexican food, a darling Darkling, Mayhem on the telly, a walk by the bay, falling asleep reading Winterson and waking to coffee and a nice walk through Darlingithurts
* Catching up with a long-lost mate (as in, 15 years or so lost) at Coogee and spending a few hours swimming in seawater and sunning ourselves before sitting in the park with a big soy smoothie
* SO MUCH quality family time! Cable and Coco Pops, cuppas and cuddles and couch-sleeping! BBQ at my bros, my mam's birthday celebrations, and lots of chilling out and chatting. Yay!
* Kooky, of course
* High tea at the Sheraton with my mam and my aunt
* The usual catch-up coffee with Schwee, and seeing Biggles for a bit
* Uni stuff-- paper and review went well, and came back 'home' with tons of new ideas, and printed matter to engage with, and perhaps a new way of structuring the tome
* Random retail adventures: fairy lights, wig, another hula skirt, big black swooshy skirt that makes impressive rustling sounds when walking etc
* Beer and coffee with This Charming Man-- sweet!
* Just being out and about, wandering King St almost amazed at just how many freaks there are back east! I mean, you know, tattoos and piercings and silly haircuts and op-shop chic (not vintage) and scruffy anarchy and the general air of trashiness and sweat. Felt right at home!
* Monster waiting for me at the gate, and me sniffing behind her ear and cuddling up to her all night...



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