Friday, November 21, 2008

Two-Pussies For The Price Of One

I leave Perth for TWO seconds and look what they get up to!

From SMH:

'A two-faced kitten born in Western Australia yesterday is still in good health this morning, amid rumours its tale has been snapped up exclusively by Today Tonight.
The kitten was being closely monitored after its birth, but was back in the care of its owner this morning, a spokeswoman for Swan Veterinary Clinic said.The kitten was "still alive and going well'', she said. The kitten's mother was taken to the Swan Veterinary Clinic after suffering complications while in labour...There were three kittens born in the litter, but just one was left with such a unique deformity. The kitten eats out of just one mouth because of a cleft palate, but both mouths meow simultaneously.'



Blogger mayhem said...

I just tagged you in a silly blogosphere quiz exercise..... go to my blog to see what I mean

1:02 pm  
Blogger mayhem said...

I mean go to bodies art and stuff.....
it's all to do with the number 6

1:03 pm  

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