Monday, December 08, 2008

Three Moments of Joy

Christmas Deluxe, Friday: Luxe bar, Highgate. Black tutu strung with star lights inbetween the layers of fabric, silver singlet, fishnets, diamantes on face, black and silver eyelashes, red lipstick, shaved head. Dancing, posing, flirting, schmoozing and general acts of complete fabulousness with Monster!

Christ! Mass Drinks!, Saturday: Our manger. Boardies, lei, red grass skirt, swimsuit, rubber thongs. Festively shaped pretzels, strawberries dipped in chocolate, ricotta and berry hotcakes with fresh whipped cream, chips and dip and cheese and delicious rosemary flatbread and oil and dukkah and... Yummy! Started late arvo, flopping about drinking and chatting with a small but somehow perfect group of pals, hours in the spa being cheeky, more chatting and flirting and in bed with Monster-cuddles by midnight.

Markets, Sunday: Fremantle. Big black skirt, sandals, black singlet. Xmas art market, plus regular markets. Didn't buy a scrap for anyone else, but came back with an oil burner, lots of oils, Tinderbox face scrub, clay and soap from Corynne's for myself (and kitties and DVDs we collected in Lawley), plus the glow you get from wandering around a beachside town hand in hand with your fabulous Monster in the sunshine and feeling that life is just about perfect.

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