Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jockette Strap Update

Rang the maker of the mistaken identity underwear, and explained ever-so-nicely that I did not want the girly version of the boy item (so to speak)-- I wanted the one I ordered. He seemed somewhat surprised, and explained in his defence that he didn't quite understand my 'character'. Notions of gender performativity aside, it did appear he thought I was engaged in some sort of vaudevillian cross-dressing. TOO MANY MUSICALS perhaps? Hey, if stereotypes are good enough for the goose...

Whilt I was at I took the liberty to explain that 'girls' may not quite have the kinds of fumblings that he imagined. Or that they might, but that there was a WHOLE LOT MORE TO 'FEMALE' sexuality, and sexuality in general. And some of it was very sticky, and involved accessing parts in ways he hadn't considered. In sufficient detail to just get him to make what we ask for how we ask for it!

Sometimes being patronised would be a lot less horrible if people REALISED they were doing it. I mean, totally clueless to what an insensitive misogynist patronising schmuck he had been. But sweet enough when called on it I suppose? Arrrgh, I get so BORED of this game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your blog so boring these days. yawn....

11:04 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

dear anonymous, i don't have the time to be bored by your comment.

4:58 pm  
Anonymous Matt said...

Baby Jeebus!!! Who's fucking blog is it anyhow?!
Anonymous?? arrogant chickenshit critics are far more boring than this blog.

7:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha... how hilariously pathetic that someone's own life is so dull that they have time to read blogs that bore them and leave commens to that effect... LAME!

11:08 pm  

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