Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wolves and Sheep

Whilst on the energy tangent, I have been contemplating how best to keep negative outside energy at bay without fighting fire with fire and thereby creating negative energy myself.

If someone is threatening to me or my family, on a physical level, then the obvious thing is to come back HARD at them. Someone takes a swing at you or your tribe, you knock them down and ask questions later -- there isn't any time to talk about.

But what if the threat is psychological, or psychic? My instinct is still the same -- you threaten the well-being of me or my crew and I will send you out cold and discuss it when you come around (in a psych* sense of course).

Fortunately, these threats are not as common as they might be, as I am relatively good at keeping the obvious baddies away from the start. But sometimes the odd wolf sneaks through in sheep's clothing, and I find myself suddenly cornered and having to summon all of my wit and my energy to push it away NOW. And its bloody exhausting, but what else to do? Where possible, that is, when the threat is not so big or so immediate, I will delay action and contemplate my moves and seek the past of least damage. Of course I will. But... I don't like having to play hard, and avoid it all I can, but when push comes to shove and extreme action must be taken, what's a Monster to do?



Blogger Meredith Jones said...

Hmmm. I know what you mean. Psychological attacks, especially if they're carried out by people who are really smart about it, can wear away at you and before you know it you're too weakened to fight back. But I think we get better at defending ourselves from them as we get older... I hope so, anyway.

11:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I did martial arts the first principle was use your attacker's energy to reverse the situation if that's at all possible. Are they coming at you fast? Bend with them and let them fall all the way to the floor. Then run away. Dunno if this is applicable but it might be an interesting angle.

7:39 pm  
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