Saturday, July 29, 2006

In the Ghetto, and Beyond- Zoo's Gig Guide

Just spent a lovely evening out and about with H, T, Freeq and her man, then some beautiful leather boys. Pub, food, coffee, pub, then a lift home. Walk into loungeroom to find cake, chartreusehot chocolate, Coopers, my yummy new housemate, NattieTheFlattie and other freaky folk. And now it is 2am again. Weekend is here! Yay! If you want me, you can find me...

Saturday: Crawling about The Ghetto (aka Newtown). Coffee with a Kate, and more coffee with a Schwee, maybe run into Polymorph to talk sharp pointy things and shows with Rob, check out the DIY market near the Hub, generally frolic about and try not to spend too much money. Come home, shower, sleep (?), pack toy bag (stick, scalpels, amyl, high pain threshold) and find suitably debauched outfit. Then off to be eaten by Lions. Nothing concrete planned, but rumour has it there may be my blood on a certain 'belt buckle' by the end of the evening (but however will it get there?). And I may possibly be full of holes, rather bruised up and... will keep you posted. Suspect there may some surprises in store for all of us *tremble*.
Sunday: Recover somehow. Eat, then head to Sexpo late in the arvo for some end of the weekend specials. Need some restraints, and a new harness, and maybe another cock or two, and then just see whatever else tickles my fancies. And what I can afford- its the week before pay. (Which reminds me... getting extra $ next fortnight so can FINALLY afford boxing lessons. Sure, a bookshelf is probably more important somehow, and maybe new glasses so I can see you all properly, and a whole host of other sensible spending choices are on offer but, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, every time I walk past that seedy old gym at the back of the Uni and see the girls sparring I almost faint with anticipation. I want my sweatstains on that mat! And just found out they do wrestling down there too... from someone who has rarely ever stepped foot inside a gym this may sound a little over-enthusiastic but this is so much more inspiring than step classes and stationary bikes.)

Up and coming:
* Want to see The Hanging of Jean Lee next week at the Studio. Can probably only do Friday or Saturday night though. Anyone want to join me? Tix $30/25

A daring new music-theatre work that traces the grim life of the last woman to be hanged in Australia in 1951 and the trajectory of her thoughts as she approaches execution.

Based on Jordie Albiston’s verse biography of the same name and featuring a stellar cast of Australian talent, this is a retro-indie post-punk musical, mashing up forms as diverse as the biographic documentary, rock concerts, performance text and pop videos.

Andrée Greenwell’s score evokes a dark, seedy underground, exposing raw emotions to create a gritty edge, before the musical slips into an underworld of tragedy, horror and fantasy

* Ran into SLPA's El Presidente and his boy at the Newtown Hotel earlier (sweet boys), and said Prez was telling me that if I was in Melbourne come September I should head down to
Beyond@Dream on the 23rd. Details at
Looks like its usually full of sweaty leather folk. Pretty male dominated- but that has never been a problem ;)

More adventures to follow...


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