Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Boy In The Bush Is Worth Two In The Hand *REVISED*

For reasons best kept to myself I have decided that the rest of this post should be taken down. One person injured, and another surely amused at my expense is enough damage methinks.

So, all I will say is:

This photo is of the Buxom Wench and I at Hunter's birthday drinks last week. Who could refuse, really *lol*?


Anonymous Tam said...

god boys and butches are stupid sometimes... if B1 be too stupid to take advantage of an opportunity like that then B1 be undeserving of such an opportunity!

2:30 pm  
Blogger mayhem said...

Boys? butches?

I thought you were tlaking about BANANAS!

boys, bois and btches are everywhere - trying to get a BANANA to last long in a bed wiht two luscious femmes...... man now THAT's a challenge!

10:51 pm  
Anonymous B1 said...

First I would like to say BW to spend a night playing with you would be a dream come true. I also think you deserve a bit more than coming over taking your clothes of and being fucked. A bit of foreplay and seduction never go's astray and you my beautiful one deserve the best this B has to offer As for you F1 HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!
I deserve better than that! You want to write this stuff thats fine, I just hope your ready for the consiquences of spinning half baked truths!!!

11:02 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

Dear B1,
Well, F1 has been truly chastised. I am sorry if offence was caused, but none was meant. I was simply trying to get my mind around what seemed to be happening, again. Just didn't make any sense to me...

11:59 pm  

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