Friday, November 17, 2006

Furry Piss Joy

From Whoretic:

In Polish, 'Siksa' means 'young girl who pisses her pants'.

Which reminds me somehow of one of my very favourite words in the world, from Hoare's Italian Dictionary:

Baffona, n: Woman with not unpleasing moustache

Mmmm... facial has been everywhere of late, tickling and taunting me. From a girl with curls around her top lip (swoon), a young boy of my acquaintance keen to cheekily tease me by showing off his lush new growth (shiver) and another furry faced boy bristling me with his beard (sigh)... ooohhh... sandpapery stubble scraped across soft skin, longer tendrils caught between one's teeth, a mouthful of furballs, licking backs and necks and chests sleek under a wet tongue...

As for me, I just twiddle my lip spikes like a goatee- its the closest I'll get! The spikes do get food caught in them, and scratch deliciously across flesh when I kiss, but that's about where the similarities end.

(Now, I must leave the office before I become Siksa Zoo. Actually, that ain't a bad stage name!)


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