Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Like A Virgin

Its often a complete surprise to lovers that I can be shy and vulnerable when it comes to down to getting dirty. Yeah, I have had my fair share of play partners, in many configurations of sexuality, gender, perversion and proclivity. Boys, girls, bois, grrls, MTFs, FTMs, butches, femmes, faggots, Daddies and Dommes. I've been fisted, flogged, fucked, pierced, spanked, caned, cropped, tickled, cut, tied up, punched, face-slapped, suspended, mummified, electrified, boot-licked and boot-kicked and saline-infused, covered in candle wax and addled with amyl. Lubed up and pissed on, sodomised and catheterised. In a variety of setting from spas to pool tables to stages to slings to A-frames to beanbags. Sometimes even on a bed. And I've done a lot of these things to other bodies too.

Then sometimes I meet someone I really fall for and become too shy to suggest what I'm yearning for or too vulnerable to take the intensity and the intimacy. Maybe I'm scared that my heart will break with my flesh...


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