Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feasting On Flesh

Shaping up to be a very fleshy 24hours, though not in the way most of you might expect:

Got myself a freebie to see Feasting on Flesh at The Studio tonight. Had been thinking of going, hadn't got around to organising anyone to go with, then recieved a most wonderful email inviting me to 'A decadent and deranged degustation of perverse and provocative performance by proud purveyors of wanton weirdness!'. Sounds just like my cup of tea...

After a good two months of almost-vegaquarianism found myself consuming flesh, fowl and fish (well, octopus, or more like mocktopus since it came from a food court) since last night. Something just snapped when confronted by my mother's roast beef and chicken! Dang! Feeling a little naughty, especially when re-reading the mutton quote I posted yesterday. If its any consolation to any diehard vegie-vegan types reading, I did feel rather ill afterwards. Of course, the whitebread cheese sandwich, the six gingernut biscuits, the handful of milk arrowroot biscuits, the softdrink and the crackers I snacked on fore and aft my meaty feast may take some of the blame. Gluttony is a sin, I know, and my queasy little tummy attests to my wickedness. But sometimes a little pain is worth it for a lot of comfort!

Just met up with the wonderful artiste who took my Milk Shots, and had a look through the proofs. Some of them are sooooooooooooooo pretty! Think there are a few we can submit to SLIT once she's worked on them a bit, cropped them and tinted them and all that fancy business. Fairly simple, showing one breast with milk flowing from it all down my torso. Might write something to go alongside them, along the 'titties and tears' line. See if the Muse strikes me before they need to be submitted.

There is a chance I might be doing a show at December Hellfire (15th). Its Christmas, so quite likely it will contain something festive. Jinglebells? Reindeer? Cheeky elves? Santa Bears? Angelic carol-singers? Hmmm.... No exact details on what it contain yet, but you know the drill. Pointies and ouchies, possible gratutious nudity, ridiculous costumes, probable messiness. A little sexy, a little silly, a little squirmy. With a hint of mince pie and mistletoe!


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