Friday, November 03, 2006

Summer Loving

Its not the heat, its the humidity. Woke up the last two mornings stuck to the sheets, hair damp and dreams clinging to me like seaweed. Summer is sticky, sweaty palms grasp dripping icecreams, grease from you fish and chips dribbling across mouth and hands, sunscreen and sand stuck to every inch of flesh. Then plunged into the ocean, wriggling under the freshwater shower by the beach, flopping about the kiddie pool in someone's backyard, running under the sprinklers, swimming through the late-afternoon storm that washes away all of summer's sins.

*Sculpture By The Sea is on NOW, until the 19th. Don't think I have missed on in the 10years or so it has been going. Wandering along the clifftops from Bondi, with a nice coffee and a gelato and a squillion other people checking out the art. Anyone for a trip down there in the near future?

* Summertime is Oz Rock time. In honour of this, the House of The Raw Prawn (ie, my place!) shall be holding a good old-fashioned piss-up on Friday 24th November. Oils, Gurus, Hunnas, Chisel, Church, Saints, Mentals, Birdman, Paul Kelly, Aus Crawl, Divinyls, INXS and a whole heap of beer. Call or email if you need any further details. Boardies and mullets optional, but a willingness to dance like Garret in 1982 pretty much compulsory. Might even see if we can get one of the BBQs up and running. All welcome.

* Tropical Fruits for NYE. I've just registered as a volunteer again (2 shifts= tix to all the parties I think) and got my shifts (27th and 28thm bump-in from 4pm). Is anyone else going? If so
a) How are you getting there? Driving? Flying? Am prepared to chip in petrol and car hire $, navigate (take your chances) and sing along loudly to local radio (if desired) if someone wants drive up. Would be wanting to leave Boxing Day I think, in order to get up there early enough for my vollie shifts.
b) Where are you staying? I LOVED camping out at the showgrounds last year, and would be most happy if others wanted to set up a tent city again. Give me a canvas house, a blow-up bed, an esky to keep my drinks cold, a gas stove, aerogard, sunscreen and a fold-up chair and I'm like a pig in shit. By the same token, I wouldn't say no to a cabin or caravan somewhere nearby. Or someone's house, but hey, I'll have my own place there by mid-2007 so plenty of time for sleeping indoors then! and
c) They still need more crew. If you are up for it contact Erif at .

* Doof Doof Doof. Summer is Festival time too! If anyone be planning to head to any outdoor raves, doofs etc and don't mind a Zoo tagging along then let me know. Haven't been to one in at least a year, and have an urge to sparkle and jump about and stare transfixed at light shows in the middle of the bush with a bunch of other happy souls.

* For anyone who hasn't noticed the posters: Newtown Festival on Sunday 12th Nov. Think Glebe should be the week after? I should be bouncing around at both.


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