Monday, November 13, 2006

Off The Beer Bus

Sometimes I think that beer is my best friend. And sometimes I think that beer is my worst enemy.

I'm not quite as sad or angry as I was even a few weeks ago, and can wake up most morning with no hyperventilating or tears. I can get some work done, and have started being creative again. Slowly I am getting my life and my self back together.

But I'm still haven't got it together enough to keep it together when I'm drunk. Yeah, I'm funny and I fraggle-dance and I laugh and I flirt and I play better pool when tipsy, and it makes me forget a lot of the bad stuff, but then the slightest hint of trouble or reminding of something horrible that happened and I'm out for blood or having a panic attack in a toilet. So...

No Beer For Zoo. In fact, No Booze For Zoo.

Not sure how long this will last. For a while I think. But I need the support of my friends to do it. If I say no when you offer me a pint, its a no. Please.


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