Friday, August 31, 2007

Red Moon Rising

Didn't end up at The Observatory the other night for the Lunar Eclipse, instead taking our champagne and cheese and bread up onto the hill in Sydney Park. A gaggle of freaks, families and familiars gathered to watch the show, cheering at each new stage of the eclipse, singing moon songs (blue moon, total eclipse of the heart, la luna, fly me to the moon etc- but how on earth did we forget MOONDANCE?), lolling about with dogs and kids and some folk in fine form even decided to moon the moon! It was a delightful night, a night to be shared, that mix of magic and awe and spectacle! I love being outdoors, in nature and all. On a hill watching the moon, on a boat watching the horizon shimmer, on the beach wrestling in the sand, on a wave trying to pick the right moment to go, lying flat out on a warm rock in the sunshine...

Heading to The Royal National Park tomorrow for a hike with the Likely Leeds Lad. Up before the sparrows are sneezing, train and ferry and bushbashing and hopefully even a swim! Can't wait to be smelling of the earth and the sea again, to come home baked in salt and dusted with sand.



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