Monday, September 24, 2007

Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth

I beautified my myspace the other day, and in the process went through and adjusted some of my stats. For reasons best left unspoken, I got all huffy about the gay/lesbian orientation choice and decided to swap my stated sexual identity to 'bi'. A BIG decision given my past experiences *knowing wink to certain readers*! But lacking an omni/poly/fluid type category, it best suited my mood. This was probably Wednesday or so, and by post-Hellfire on Friday night I was... ummm... I've gone all coy... there were leather (bio) gayboys in leather harnesses (at least they were in them at the start of the party), lots of amyl, some spanking, something about a spa, the most intense breath play I have ever engaged in (courtesy of a sissy boy!) a bit of milk and lots of... Bioboy bits! All very surreal, and certainly not what young Zoo is used to anymore- if ever I was. It wasn't so much that I was playing with bboys, just that I didn't feel much like a girl when I was doing it. Maybe I never did? I don't know, it felt like something had changed? Probably more a shift in my perception than theirs, but a pleasant shift all the same...

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