Friday, September 21, 2007



Still gonna cost me a bloody fortune, but hey, I'M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FRAGGLE DANCING ALL ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First stop is Salzburg, to give a couple of papers and schmooze academically around a couple of conferences. That should be over by the 18th November or so. Then, well, The Continent (and beyond) awaits.

So far, am planning to visit: Stockholm (hejsan Rollmop), London/Manchester/Blackpool (hugs to LLL), Lund/Malmo/Copenhagen (woof to THAT Bear), France (mwah! to The Last Bastian), Berlin (blessings to Berghein and De Made) and am open to being lead astray in other directions.

So, who wants a Zoo for Christmas? Who has a floor/bed/couch/beanbag for me to crash on? Who wants to be naughty? Who wants to make art? Who wants to take me dancing? Who knows good tattoo and body modification artists I can get to work on me? Who wants to drink julebryg and gluhwein? When and where are the good festivals? Who's up for rollmops and sauerkraut? Schnitzel and noodles?

Please get back to me ASAP if you want to catch up or can suggest any other excitement for my agenda. Need to book my tickets in the next week or so, and want to see as many of you as I can whilst I am over there.

Mood: Alternatively excited (I get to see so many of my mates), panicked (2 papers to write, and a book article to submit before I go), wet (I remember the dark spaces of Europe primarily by their scents and sensations), hungry (for art and new academic adventures), nostalgic (for past EU loves and lusts), hard (in anticipation of carnal delights) and deliriously dizzy (all of the above, and then some).

Ooooh, so much to organise! Must CALM DOWN! Make lists! Pack up my belongings! Budget! Investigate possibilities! Email people! Post to lists! Write! Arggggggggggggggh!

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Blogger nixwilliams said...

AS;LDFKJA;LSDKFJ;SALDKJF YYYAAAAYYYY!!!!! don't calm down just yet! spend a night celebrating!!! the lists can wait til monday! xxxxxxoxoxoxo

1:06 am  

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