Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wet Blankets

1) Talking to MadamePhantasm today about those people who are such downers that you feel kinda guilty being cheery* in their presence. Have had a couple of partners like that, to the point that I would have to 'crap down' my day when I relayed it at home so that it didn't seem like I had had THAT much more fun than they did in their stressypants lives. Sod that for a joke. And I have been thinking lately about people who are sad, and how some folk can be sad without dragging you down with them, but some just seem to need to make you as miserable as they are. And was talking to someone else about how she was trying to surround herself with more cheery folk of late, to not be party to the rants and the wallowing and thought to myself: what a jolly good idea! Misery does indeed love company, and breeds with itself. I don't need to be around wet blankets. Sad, troubled, freaked, distressed, stressed, depressed, bewidered- fine. But not miseryguts. There is quite a difference.

2) A friend was flagging yellow the other day, and made me cast my mind back to watery activities of old. Wet blankets cooling over sweaty skin, stinking in the laundry hamper and stuffed into mouths.

*And mentioning cheery, my cutting/holepunching is very making me very smily and wriggly whenever it rubs against the beanbag. Thankyou again MrM!

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