Monday, September 10, 2007

A Few Hours After This

The look before I go
Is the look for you
You only have to look and it will all come true
And we can fall outside
Into the fizzy night
Or pull me down in here
You know it's all the same
I only want to see if you are happy again
Or we can roll around
And find out upside down

A few hours after this and we're apart again
Like two white checks
Like opposite poles
In a secret game
(Like nothing like these I suppose...)
I really should have known by the cut of your smile
That the answer would be simple
It still took you awhile to get it out of me
I thought you'd do it easily

- The Cure
'A Few Hours After This'

Ah, the bittersweet joy of Cure B-sides! Makes me want to skip
down the street in my new top hat and a big swooshy frock, getting all wibbly
at the thought of holding hands with cute boys and revelling in the knowing that
something truly delicious is brewing and if you just hold your breath for another moment...

Current mood: Optimistic
Current activity: Counting my blessings.

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