Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thanks Be To Perverts

My Mate M has a thing for poking holes in people. Last night at the play party he poked me with his new biopsy punch (will post pic or two soon- juts got to download them). It kind of worked, in that it made nice round cuts, but didn't remove much flesh so he had to lift the skin with tweezers and then cut it with a scalpel to remove it. This was not nearly as much ouchy as I anticipated, which was both a good and a bad thing. Somehow it was then decided that the pattern of pretty dots looked just like the side of a dice, so then suddenly I was agreeing to having the outline cut around it as well and... dang, its kinda neat really. Just had first hot shower on it... Swoooooooooooooon... Thankyou MMM! Oh, and thankyou to the extremely yummy pervert in the extremely yummy PVC outfit who tied me to a chair and did extremely yummy things to my terrorised/quivering/milky/happy nipples with a violet wand. BIG WET PATCH. And thankyou muchly to the kindly host and hostess for allowing me to share the joy at the end (I had not organised my own) and for the one who spent a large period of time reminding me that some boys aren't THAT icky- especially if they have been properly trained by a tough woman... And thanks to the rest of you for letting me watch and listen to your naughtiness and roll around on top of you and chatting with me and plying me tequila and ensuring that I wandered back to my housesitting gig just before lunchtime, and with a certain swagger to my stumble...

I love my gaggle of perverted pals. The ones you can count on to find you a blankie when you're too blissed or bewildered to move, who will spank your arse or stick pointy things in you when you need it, who will light your smokes and make sure you know where the painkillers are before they crash out, who know where to get medical supplies and will make sure you have apaper towel souvenir of your bloodsports, who will douse your new cuttings in alcohol and set them alight, and who will make you break when you just HAVE to.

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here here m'dear!


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