Monday, September 03, 2007

Passion and Pyrotechnics

Because for all Nathalie's wanting and needing everything to be so fantastically hyperbolic and transgressive all the time, for all her perpetual 1920s party attire and zany observations and bizarre take on etiquette, no matter how much she wanted to think she and and I and her life entire were some sort of brilliant freak show, I'd come to learn just how normal Nathalie was. She was normal. Just plain ol' potentially boring N-O-R-M-A-L. Seriously, strip away all the pyrotechnics and you'd find nothing truly revolutionary about Nathalie's revolution. She wanted a happy home. She wanted a man to love. And she wanted a man to love her. Passionately. Devotedly. She wanted that day in and day out. But, I also knew with absolute certaintly that nothing scared Nathalie more than how thouroughly normal she really was.

- Felicia Luna Lemus
'Like Son'



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