Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sparkly Moments Of Recent Times

* Bushwalk around Jibbon Head with LLL last Saturday. Nice early start, coffee and bread purchases in Newtown then trains and a ferry to Bundeena. Was clouding over by the time we reached Central, spots of rain, getting colder- arrgh! Decided to risk it, despite lack of particularly dry or waterproof clothing. Was well worth it, as turned warmer later on and after walking and picknicking for a few hours we managed a brief swim and a lie around in the sunshine chatting and sifting through seashells. It was a very child-oriented adventure all round: LLL and I almost ending up coming home with a toddler, a bunch of superfriendly teenage skater kids who had absconded from a Christian skateboard camp (?!?) and came up to us for chats about body mods and hot chicks, and getting a kid's cone of Milo icecream while LLL purchased the alarmingly coloured teddy bears picnic sundae (gummi bears atop bubblegum-flavoured goo- though lacking the promised paper parasol). Really nice to be out in the (semi)bush with sweet easy company and backpacks full of boiled eggs and stuffed olives.

* Mz V's birthday bash on Saturday night. Took the LLL, who was rather bewildered and bedazzled by his proximity to so many stunning displays of corestry and cleavage. Yes, my friends are indeed delicious! I did a show which started almost innocently with me in a red and pink frilly negligee and knickers fluffing about with a birthday cake to The Sugarcubes' 'Birthday' and ending with me naked and feeding V a 'banana split'from... well.. you take a guess *sticks out tongue*, to Johnny Thunders' 'Everyone Knows You've Been Caught With The Meet In Your Mouth'. Think chocolate sauce, marshmallows, sprinkles, my little pony, candle wax on tits, musk sticks and raspberry lollies. Yummy! Much flirting about and chatting and schmoozing and the teensiest taste of... then back to V's for tequila and giggly gas and sleeping in the sunshine on the soft squishy lounges.

* Reading Aloud tonight at NewQ. Gaggle of my nearest and dearest sharing food and words for a lazy few hours, guffaws and gossip and groans, from law textbook to picture book to 'to do' list to snippets from notebooks. Hoping to hold this event every fortnight- such a lovely way to interact with people.

* Finished my interview piece for the new dyke mag coming out soon- and my editor seems pleased with it. 'Tis the first time I interviewed anyone, and my first attempt at 'journalism'. Is nice to try my hand at new things from time to time! Will tell you when Cherrie hits the shelves so you can check it out (not just me, the whole thing).

* Nice coffee with Mistress O'Mayhem this arvo. Good to catch up properly, if too briefly!

* Got accepted for the two conferences I applied for in Salzburg. Still waiting on the funding though *sighs impatiently but optimistically*.

* Generally feeling much more together about everything. Sweet moments of blush and swoon, madly planning new study schedule and heading to Melbourne next week and lots of dressups and dancing planned for the coming weekend.

I am blessed, truly.



Blogger nixwilliams said...

yay for many good things! and salzburg!!!

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