Monday, September 10, 2007

Zoo On Tour Again/Sydney Gig Guide

Will be roadtripping down to Melbourne with Beculum, Ali and Unwanted Faerie this week. Depart Wednesday, back the following Tuesday night. Its mostly 'cos I am doing an Upstart Alley show (refer to previous posts). I am much excited about it all, but sad that I am missing so much in Sydney. Its a big week here in Olympic Sodom... and here are some bits and pieces I would be doing if I wasn't south of the border:

USYD Verge Festival- The Queer Kids Go Off!

*Gender as Performance: Come listen to a down to earth version of gender as performance through the exploration of Judith Butler's ideas on performativity. This will be a hands
on, accessible workshop for all those of you who want to expand the way you
view your surroundings. September 10th,1pm-2pm,Verge Tent

*Unfucking Gender; A discussion: Come listen to some perspectives that bring some question to the gender binaries that constrain our world. Food will be provided and you'll be able
to put in your on views on how to bring ideas of performance, art and
imagination to help bring out the diversity in ideas of gender. September 12th, 1pm-3pm,
Reading Room, Holme Building

*Fuck Gender, lets dance: Come celebrate your new found deconstructions through a butlerian discoteque of burlesque and cabaret. It's where theory, art, performance, music and
dancing meld into a conflation of euphoria and social experimentation. Come
undermine the constrained repetition of norms and dance your self into a new
world order. DJ's, VJ's, Burlesque, Performance art and Bands all night.See the Union website for details.$5 entry/ Free for USU. Hermann's Bar,14th of September,8pm-late


Sydney Park, all day on Sunday 16th. Just go, will you? And don't blab on to me afterwards about what a fantastic day you had dooofin' and drinkin' and dancin' or I'll probably blubber at you.

Black and White Ball

I have never made it to this Dykes on Bikes event, but if you like your grrrrrrrrrrls in leather and with some grunt I wouldn't hesitate to go along to The Jets Club at Tempe on Saturday 15th. Further details here.


Yes, there is a bear film, and much other interesting flix besides. Bugger for me, but you can look up the program here and then spend many hours getting yourself queerly educated in an entertaining fashion. Lucky bastards.

Random odds and ends

* It be Wife's birthday at some point during the week I think. Give her a hug.
* The LLL be departing these shores for further frolicking abroad. Give him a big hug, and tell him to get his arse back Down Under SOON. Damn travellers, just as I get to know them they disappear! Still, with so many foreign friends it makes for further excuses to head OS all the time, as have local tour guides and usually a place to crash your weary bones and someone to translate maps and menus.

Now, can you see why I am sad to miss this week? And now that I have given you the lowdown on Sydney happenings, who knows of anything dirty/kinky/queer/performance-y/etc going down in Melbourne between the 13th and the 17th? In the mood for mischief, of a fashion anyway...

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