Monday, September 10, 2007

Lesbian Drama

This month's LOTL (Lesbians On The Loose- strange old-school lesbian magazine from Sydney) has an article, I kid you not, discussing how hard it is to buy shoes as a lesbian. Really! Those damn lesbians will make a drama out of everything! IT IS NOT HARD TO BUY SHOES BECAUSE OF YOUR SEXUALITY. Straight women wanting non-debilitating footwear also have a hard time finding anything appropriate in the aisles full of stilettos and kitten heels, all teensy straps and impractical slippy-soles. Trust me, I used to be one. It is, in my opinion, stupid that women are EXPECTED to want to walk more slowly and carefully, that somehow 'we' don't need any grip or the ability to run for public transport without an exacerbated risk of twisting an ankle. But not because I am a lesbian, or ever have been.

(Warning: Gross generalisations ahead. Just bear with me and try and get the point)

The topic of 'lesbian drama' has come up in conversation twice with different people recently. Not as in a form of theatre or soap opera, but as in the ways in which women-who-love-women perform relationships (yes, same same!). And whilst I have always been fairly certain I am not a lesbian (not female-identified, and often not desiring female-identified folk), it suddenly dawned on me that I do mix with an awful lot of these creature and in many large circles of women generally these days. And find myself in dramas that I can't follow but somehow feel obliged to participate in. But why? Its all rather bewildering, and I don't think I am explaining myself ever clearly here.

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