Monday, September 24, 2007


(Heaven knows I am finding my life a bit too much to handle today, not so much bad but BIG, so am tackling it little bit by little bit with the aid of seemingly endless blog ramblings).

In less than 72 hours I have had one ex-entanglement drunkenly imply that I should revisit a certain 3some of the deep dark past, quite without the desire of either myself or the other party. Another sang my praises to strangers in the street and acted like a proud parent upon hearing of my recent achievements, whcih was actually a lot stranger than it sounds. Yet another spent strange drunken moments reminding me in unnecessary detail just how intense and hot our shagging used to be- shagging that most certainly did not end because I chose to end it! Oh, and enquiring in much detail as to how far I had gone and in what direction with certain current Objects of Horniness. (If recognising that the sex was that bloody hot all along why dump my arse for some vanilla hetero reproduction in the first place?) The final ex of this quadruplet of curiosity met me for coffee and earbashed me with abandon as to his rather bewildering thoughts on just what I was doing for my PhD, and as per usual it all ended up in some talk on theology and Bible historicity (is that even a word?). Bleeding heck... I think sometimes if I wasn't for SauerKraut I would have to instigate a blanket ban on ever speaking to anyone I had done the deed (indeed, any of the deeds) with more than once! And before anyone says 'lesbian drama' (you know who you are) only one quarter of these creatures is a lesbian. Yes Sir, its all about the BOYS this week!

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Blogger Jay DB said...

lesbian drama!

thanks for the tit bit doing well - maybes planning on going to new york later next week

10:14 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

:p indeed

Good Lord, Lad, you're planning New York already? To paraphrase Mrs Madrigal, paraphrasing Tennyson, 'just can't wait to bite into that apple'?

Looking forward to London ever so much! Already in negotiations with the folk at Into You (either Xed or Lucy I hope) to get myself some new ink. and trying to hook up with my mate's suspension crew and... No rest for the wicked eh?

3:10 pm  

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