Monday, October 08, 2007

The Great Depression

It hit me again today that a large proportion, if not most, of my closest friends are medicated. In a 'mental health' kind of way, and most usually for some sort of depression or anxiety. What the heck does this mean? So many of my conversations start with 'so, you're feeling a bit better?' and then 'yeah, thanks, I've just started on Zoloft/Eflexor/Some SSRI'. Heck, I am all for better living through chemistry, have even been known to partake in it myself, but the number of my mates who need meds just to make it through the day concerns me. Better than not having them and not making it through the day, true. But... I don't whether it makes me sad or scared or just plain out pissed off. Such briliant, creative, talented, thinking, intelligent, artistic, generous, gentle people. And such IMMENSE pain and distress. Doesn't seem fair, but then I guess fair is a pretty odd concept anyway!



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