Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nine Performances With Milk

Nine Performances With Milk is a series of poetic and subversiveactions. Through the universal and bodily nature of milk, the artistsprovoke the audience to reconsider their relationships todesire, memory and identity. An uncomfortable journey unfolds, as boundaries are breached andborderlines transgressed, leaving only contamination.This is a work of subtle beauty, at once fragile, vulnerable and at risk. Within it, there is a sense of something at stake, a state of mind which is displaced and restaged. A dialogue on the edgeof psychosis; a disequilibrium which finds its own level.

All this and much more can be found on the Hancock and Kelly Live site.

Every day I find more beautiful things in the world, more inspiration, more wonder, more magic, more joy. At the moment, a great deal of this is centred around 'art': the making, the viewing, the being, the witnessing, the conception. Today I had a meeting with a very sweet and gentle man at my Uni's fine arts college, and I actually discussed my 'practice' with something approaching confidence. This is a VERY big step for me, to talk about myself and my work and my practice without having to compulsively provide disclaimers ('I'm not really an artist', 'I'm only NEW!', 'I don't know much about theory/performance/academia' ad infinitum). And I'm liking it a lot.



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