Monday, October 08, 2007

Pee In A Jar

Just remembered that I have been carrying around two specimen jars of pee in my backpack for the last few hours. Hmm, wonder how long they keep? To the trusty internet:

'Urine specimens are fairly stable, remaining fresh for five to seven days at room temperature and up to two weeks refrigerated.'

Apparantly specimens fare better if refrigerated, but I'm not sure that the good folk in my office at Uni, accustomed as they are to my odd ways, are gonna go for that. Anyhow, I kind of like the idea that I have jars of pee at my feet as I type. Oh, and that I get to have a blood test afterwards! Excitement! Did someone say 'slight medical fetish'?



Blogger nixwilliams said...

i like blood tests, too!

8:56 pm  

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