Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Trans, Wimmins, And Gender Queer Conference Reader Call Out

Don't know anything about this conference, but it looks like a mighty fine thing to me! More folk discussing these things the better...

hi everyone

we are organising a conference around trans, wimmins and gender queer issues on december 14-16 in melbourne.as part of this, we will be producing a reader, and are calling for contributions.the conference will be about things like: gender, gender identity, gendered language, health, bodies, stuff we dont talk about like eating disorders, abortion, sexuality, feminism and trans, being an activist of colour, making pissers, porn and sex work...... and basically whatever people want or contribute or think of or need or desire... its what we make it into.we also want to have art, performances, and stuff like that. we want the reader to be full of people's personal contributions, sothings that you write, yourself. because your voice is important, thethings you have to say are interesting and amazing, and deserve to bepublished and read as much as any academic writing. we want people tocontribute whatever they want to express - their stories, their feelings,their art, or their own academic analyses of stuff.

so the deadline for contributions is november 30, so we have time to layout, print, and all that stuff.contributions can be emailed to twgqconference@gmail.com. or if you want to handwrite or draw, you can send to 33 John St East Brunswick, 3057.



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