Monday, March 24, 2008

Beer, Bust

In the wee small hours of Sunday morning, after too much beer and too much stimulation, overtired and overwhelmed, with hormones haywire and oh so many ghosts in the one place at the one time I lost the plot a little...

Just when I thought I was out of the woods, that I could handle the odd panicky moment or pinprick of insecurity and uncertainty without getting blind drunk and making an idiot of myself, well, just goes to show I still have work to do. Of course I knew that, but perhaps I needed a big reminder not to become complacent. I am mighty sure my friends didn't need it though, or deserve it, and yet again I am sending sorry texts and feeling painfully grateful that my mates put up with me at all.

So, back off the beer for a bit, come into the office and do some work, download some pix and look for some inspiration, go for a big walk by the sea tomorrow and try to make amends and new contigencies whilst not being too hard on myself. Ouch.



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