Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blood Makes Noise

I am waiting for her message pretending I am not waiting for her message. Not anxious, just impatient... and horny. The blood has come in again and I am close to the water, a little dizzy and uncertain, a little neither here nor there nor anywhere in particular... message after message coming through this afternoon but none with the signature I am craving...hormones are haywire from pumping and tides, sickly sweet scent between my thighs nauseates and it excites...will take my bleeding bits to the Hellfire crucifixion tonight for a wee while, need to hunt or be hunted...

I think that you might want to know
The details and the facts
But there's something in my blood
Denies the memory of the acts
So forget it Doc I think its really
Cool that you're concerned
But we'll have to try again
After the silence has returned

Cause blood makes noise
Its a ringing in my ear
Blood makes noise
And I can't really hear you in the thickening of fear

Blood makes noise

-Suzanne Vega
'Blood Makes Noise'

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