Sunday, May 04, 2008

16 Years Old

There is something about being smitten that makes me slip back, to a delicious degree, into some sort of giggly adolescent state. For me this means I want to sing Cure songs as I dance through piles of autumn leaves in the sunshine, and wear big swooshy dresses, and drink hot chocolate and burn incense and I wander about with a permanent damp patch hard on and a silly grin, and get all nervous and shy when I am being watched by the object of my lust and longings, and either tongue-tied or totally delirious in their presence and I can't think of much else except wanting to feel that special someone's lips on mine and to fumble about in the back row of the movies or drink vodka in the park and carry on under railway overpasses and hold hands in the street with them... Oh, and I even blush. Wow. Wet dreams and watching sunsets. Wow.

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