Monday, May 26, 2008

Affairs Of The Hair

My hair is bigger than it has been in quite a few years. Not sure what it thinks it is doing but it appears resistant to being cut or even styled very much, and is certainly not in the mood for a go with the clippers. Perhaps it is protecting me, perhaps it is trying to harbour native wildlife, perhaps it is simply announcing the fact that I am feeling a bit softer these days, perhaps it is just giving my head a break from being cold this winter. Whatever the reason, I daresay I am enjoying it somewhat. Heavens! Next thing I will be wearing a fascinator! Ribbons! Barrettes! Hairspray! Backcombing!

Is this the end of me and my Skin Marvin fantasies? No! Say it isn’t so!



Anonymous Fi said...

i reckon it could be instinctual camouflage for your impending trip to perth... who says the survival instinct is not innate within? :)

8:17 pm  

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