Thursday, May 22, 2008


This month’s CHERRIE is a kink and fetish special in support of Sydney Leather Pride Association’s annual celebrations. Find out what BDSM means for four local queer women, and check out some hot outfits modelled by Sonja and Princess in the fashion spread to get some ideas on what to wear to Inquisition, the organisation's big kink party. Plus: Local singer Dominique Khoury tells us about her many ‘labels’; Buffy does girls in comic book form; and Gina Mamone from the US is combining art and revolution with the largest GLBTIQ record label in the world. And: Popular drag king Sexy Galexy returns to Sydney for a one-off show at Moist this month! Read our exclusive online-only Q&A with Sexy on the Cherrie website (www. cherrie. com. au). That's all in addition to our regular reviews, Activism page and scene pix!

Get your copy of CHERRIE at your usual pick-up point and visit www. cherrie. com. au where you can comment on individual stories. If you can’t grab a hard copy, click on This Month’s issue on the website to read the entire mag for free in jpeg format (recommended for dial-up users) or click on PDF Issues to download and read the mag as a PDF (recommended for broadband users).


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