Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Strangely, the same night as Tranni Panic- what's all the panicking about? I shall definately be at TP, and probably this on the way 'cos its cheap and close and I know lots of the folk!

Odds N Sods presents Moral Panic, an insubordinate night of sound, performance and visual/interactive art. Thanks to God nutters, pollies and mudslap happy media, moral panics have highlighted the beautiful, the courageous, the creative people on the fringes in all their diversity.

Queer performance, interactive art and live acts will be punctuated by the tunes of DJ Kes, Ravertron, Mukole, Tuc and Lego spinning dubstep, electro breaks, electronica to a mosaic of pop/rock/punk sounds.
Performances by:
La Donna Rama & Jessee-Liina Spectacular
Dashiell & Jane
The Butcher Femme

Proceeds go to supporting local performers, artists and DJs who add to the Panic.

When: Friday May 23
Cost: $5/10 entry
Venue: Hermanns
9pm until 3.



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