Monday, May 19, 2008

Further Comments On The Sad State Of Things

You know, after all of this nastiness and weirdness I still can't see anyone involved as being particularly horrible. I can understand how things get out of hand sometime, that everyone deals with stuff the best they can, that not everyone follows the same rules, that even the simplest things may get misinterpreted, that people respond strongly and without thinking (myself included) sometimes, that conversations had when trashed are often remembered and retold in odd ways, that everyone comes with baggage, that people are usually trying their best to live peacefully but sometimes just can't work out how to make it happen, that folk on the outside then try to help and sometimes make things worse, that things just snowball and suddenly its a SITUATION, that some people just attract drama and its probably not entirely their doing, that we are all struggling with our own demons and ought to make more allowances (again, myself included in all of these categories)... I don't think that anyone WANTS this awfulness and drama.

At the end of the day, I still respect and care for all concerned, and can see how a lot of it happened and got blown out of all reasonable proportion. Of course, maybe I am wrong and everyone is bloody awful and spiteful and malicious- but I refuse to believe it. These people are/were my mates for a reason, and bad behaviour doesn't have to equate to bad people. So, whilst I will still be making myself scarce for a while, its not with malice or loathing. Just a desire to let everyone lick their wounds and retract their claws for a while. I'm exhausted and guess everyone else is too.


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