Monday, May 19, 2008

On A Brighter Note...

I do have a housesit for a couple of months, so can move the bulk of my stuff into storage, stay smack bang in the middle of the ghetto in a nice house with a cute cat and work out what to do next. A few things on the horizon housing-wise, and the rest of life is pretty damned good really! PhD in a reasonable state, been spending a lot of quality time with my family and just hanging out with mates, making lots of art and of course the Westie is delightful as ever (possibly more so). So, take the bad with the good and try to stay the heck out of any further trouble, and hope to heaven that once I have extricated myself from this lot of weird and confusing unpleasantness that I will make better future decisions. Live and learn- at least that is the theory!


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