Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walking Wounded

Bruises and pin-marks on thighs from beautiful piercing scene the other night with the Darkling.
Giant bite-mark from ill-behaved CaneToad who should know better on my arm. Not impressed.
Hook-marks and emerging bruises from the five-way flesh pull late yesterday afternoon.
Just been poked and prodded by ouchy ultrasound to check out why I am getting such bad pains in my sides.
Random pulled muscles and sore points from general trashiness over the weekend.

I mean, I LIKE some pain, but not all of this is pleasant!


Anonymous Daddy Longlegs said...

Interesting. I don't believe Canetoads have teeth. They do, however, have fat little bodies and skinny legs. And they are responsible for the tragic decline in numbers of native frogs. Perhaps a new name is needed. What bites, and yet is incapable of piercing the human flesh and releasing its deadly venom? ...hmmm. I suggest Daddy Longlegs as a new title for this creature.

7:32 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

all of this is most probably true, 'cept that true to form the theory does not always match the reality and this canetoad DOES have teeth! and bites bloody hard at that!

must say that you did give me a fright (or maybe pleasant surprise?) with your moniker DL! are you the same person who prompted me to write the Daddy Longlegs post a few months ago? how very very curious... i wonder how many creatures can there be of this name who read my blog? i mean, i know i AM the Zoo but my creepy crawly section is not that large and I thought I knew all the arachnids individually...

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Mudcrab said...

After much careful consideration in the grey hours of this morning, I have decided to retract my earlier suggestion for the name-change. Instead, I would like to suggest the new name of 'Mudcrab'. Found in the warm estuaries of Queensland, but also straying to NSW, the mudcrab has an impressive claw that can nip the toughest skin, and also has nine teeth on either side of its eyes. It has a hard shell, but underneath its flesh is sweet and tasty. Luckily the female of the species is protected from predators of the human kind. Is this Cancerian creature a fitting addition to your Zoo?

12:07 pm  

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